Our application platform opened on 14.06.2023, exactly one year before the start of the tournament

The application platform has been closed since December 15, 2023, so applications are currently no longer possible.

Yes. The pre-registration was just a way to express your interest in the UEFA EURO 2024 Volunteer Programme in advance and receive exclusive information.

Since the summer of 2021, you had the opportunity to pre-register for UEFA EURO 2024 and express your interest in the Volunteer Programme. Until the start of the application you did receive exclusive information. The possibility for pre-registration was closed with the start of the application on 14.06.2023.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a top football event – plus, you’ll learn new skills and meet a lot of amazing people!

UEFA EURO 2024 is open to everyone! You only have to be 18 years or older on May 1st 2024 – and if you’re motivated and available on the relevant dates – we’d love to hear from you! Depending on the role you apply for, further criteria and availability requirements may apply.

We assume that most volunteers live in the host country. True to our motto "United by Football. United in the heart of Europe." every application is welcome. Keep in mind that possible visa costs are not covered by us and we cannot support you in your visa process. So make sure you are eligible to volunteer in the host country.

From 14.06.2023 you can apply here on our website. You will then find the link at the top right of this website, which will take you to the online application platform volunteer.uefa.com/login. There you will need to provide information about yourself, your experience, availability, etc.

UEFA and the National Associations value diversity and strive to be inclusive in everything we do. We aim for everyone to have equal access to our organisation irrespective of any characteristics or personal traits. If you have any particular requirements with respect to the recruitment or interview process, please mention this in your application so that we can ensure adaptions are made when barriers identified.

Volunteers are usually assigned to one main role. You’ll be able to tell us which ones you prefer on your application. Depending on your extra availability, we may be able to assign you extra assignments.

Unfortunately we don’t provide any accommodation for our Volunteers, so we recommend that you have somewhere to stay near the venue. The local Volunteer Management in each city will check possibilities for discounted accommodation, but without guarantee. In 2024 and after the commitments, there will also be a local section "Volunteers for Volunteers", where the community can assist in finding accommodation.

Unfortunately we don’t cover travel costs for Volunteers travelling from other cities. Costs for public transportation within the city, will be covered on the day of assignment, through the Host Cities agreement.

Yes, all Volunteers will get free food and soft drinks while volunteering.

Yes, you will get a high quality and multi-piece adidas uniform, which you can keep after your mission! The design remains a surprise for now ;)

Yes, every Volunteer will be insured under our accident and liability insurance during his or her assignment.

All Volunteers will receive training specific to their role. Depending on your role, your training may be online, in person or both. More information is available at a Volunteer Kick-Off event and through an e-learning in the Volunteer Platform.

The minimum time commitment will vary depending on the role you’re applying for. In any case, it is required that you are available at least on all match days in your host city as well as on the training days. Make sure you provide accurate information about your availability on your application and during your interview. There will be a variety of roles that require different time commitments – which we hope will allow as many people as possible to take part.

On the info page for the application areas, we have provided detailed information on the respective availability to make your selection easier.



The start of a volunteer shift varies and depends on the respective position. On match days, the kick-off time in particular plays a role. Usually, however, a shift lasts between 6 - 9 hours. In some areas, there may also be an early and a late shift.

No. Anyone can apply to volunteer, even if it’s your first time. You’ll be given the chance to state in your application form why you would be suited to the role and detail any skills or experience you have.

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to attend an interview, either onsite or online. The recruiting phase takes place from July - December 2023. It can therefore go quickly or take a little longer. Each applicant will receive final feedback by January/February 2024.

Yes, all applicants will receive feedback, regardless of whether they are accepted, placed on the stand-by list or rejected.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide tickets for the games. If you are not on mission during the games, we will try to create attractive opportunities to watch the games in the Volunteer Center/Hub or in the Fan Zone.

In the application form, you can select one city as your first choice. If your application for this city is successful, you can only volunteer there. 

Furthermore, it is possible to indicate an alternative city. However, this would only be considered if the application for your preferred city was not successful or if there are too many applications in that city.

And of course it is always possible to apply for exactly one city, because no alternative comes into question for you.

Yes, of course. It is important to us that everyone can be part of the Volunteer Programme. Please send us an email at volunteer@euro2024.com and we will support you as good as we can.

Yes, you can. During the UEFA EURO 2024 we will have so-called Tandem Teams. A Tandem Team consists of two Volunteers, one with and one without disabilities. The team will perform all tasks together. You can be part of the team with a tandem partner you already know. Or we can find a partner for you. Of course, you will get to know your partner in the run-up to the tournament to see if you can work together well. 

Note: The application takes place independently of each other. In the application, you can then specify each other as a person.

No. If the application is successful, the first step is an interview appointment. Then we will inform you once you are selected as a Volunteer. 

Yes, you can apply as a family/group. Please remember that each family/group member must apply and all members must then indicate in the application form that they are part of the family/group.

We are happy to support you during the application process. Please contact us at volunteer@euro2024.com and attach a screenshot of the problem.  

Please disable any Google language translation in your browser while viewing your volunteer dashboard in our portal. (for help please see: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/173424?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform=Desktop
After disabling Google Translate you can reload the page and you will be able to see and book your preferred interview slot. 
You can change the language of our portal to your preferred language (English or German) by going to My Profile > Settings or at the login screen.

If you are still unable to see and book a slot, please contact your Volunteer Management Team.

Your individual shifts will be provided to you in February/March.

If you receive an invitation for an interview, we will discuss your availability and can adjust it. In case of major changes, you can also contact the local Volunteer Team in your city.

If your plans change and you can no longer participate as a volunteer, please contact your local Volunteer Team us as soon as possible or alternatively via email at volunteer@euro2024.com.

Should you have any further general questions, please feel free to contact the central Volunteer Management Team via email at volunteer@euro2024.com.